Forum rules

Registration and Usernames

1. Only bona fide members of the Omni and Neutral community on Anarchy Online's Rimor server are invited to register on this site. All other users will be banned.

2. All new account "Display Names" must be the exact name of your main character on Rimor at the time of registration.

Posting Rules

1. All posts must be in English.

2. Be aware of the standard rules of Netiquette and follow them when using this site.

3. The following practices are not allowed anywhere on the site: flaming, trolling, spam, off-topic posting, thread necromancy (unnecessary bumping of old threads).

4. When quoting another user's writing, quote verbatim and quote enough of the surrounding text to show the other user's remarks in context. Never attribute text to somebody who did not write it, by means of the QUOTE tag or otherwise. Do not attribute a paraphrased or altered version of another user's writing to the original author.

5. Be polite and courteous in all posts. Do not use any term of abuse directed at any Omni or Neutral player or guild. Fair criticism is allowed, but abusive language directed at another member of the community is never allowed.

6. Avoid using language which could offend readers from a different background or another country. For example, avoid strong swearwords, racism, sexism, xenophobia, antisemitism etc.

7. All posts must be constructive. Unconstructive or inflamatory posts may be removed in the interests of preventing a useful thread from being derailed. Posts which merely repeat points that have already been made and discussed earlier in the thread, will be treated as unconstructive.

8. Forum moderation may be discussed in "These Forums" in the private section. It is off-topic in all other forums.

9. The following may not be discussed anywhere on these forums: topics which could cause trouble with our ISP or the law (eg. pornography, security exploits, warez, illegal MP3s, etc) or with Funcom (exploits, NDA-covered details of future expansions, etc).

Repeated failure to follow these rules may result in users being banned.

Moderation Rules

1. The normal moderator response to posts which break the Posting Rules should be:
- Off-topic threads or posts will be moved into a forum where they are on topic, or locked or removed if no such forum exists.
- Thread necromancy will be handled by locking the thread.
- Spam, trolling and abusive posts will be removed (but see below)
- Threads which have been derailed and are now only attracting off-topic or unconstructive posts, will be locked.
- For all other situations, the normal action will be to edit or remove the offending posts. (If only part of a post breaks the rules then only that part should be moderated.)

2. Moderators must enforce the rules in a consistent manner without showing bias or favouritism.

3. Moderators must always leave a note on any thread they have edited, moved, or removed posts from, indicating what action they took and why. Anonymous moderation is not allowed except in the case of threads which are so extreme that they have been removed completely.

4. Moderators must never delete a thread or post entirely - move it to the 'Thread Quarantine' forum instead.

5. Moderators must work together as a team and to agree on a common approach to moderation issues which are not covered by these rules.

6. Moderators must set a good example by following the posting rules in their own posts and not trying to "push the limits" of the rules.

7. Moderators are expected to read the site at least once per day and to respond promptly to any threads on the Moderators' forum which require their input.

Repeated failure to follow these rules will result in removal of moderator status.

NB. Notwithstanding any system put in place to make decisions in a democratic or represenative way, the Administrator, who is legally responsible for the site, reserves the right to remove any post, ban any user from the site, or remove any user's moderator status, unilaterally and without being required to prove that these rules have been broken. Unilateral administrator action will be avoided but no guarantees are given. Bottom line: respect is a two-way street, so treat this website with respect and you'll be treated with respect as a user of it.

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